Culture Ireland Programmes

As part of their rebrand, we developed a template for Culture Ireland’s printed communications. The intent was to develop a format that worked as a platform for the art and artists being promoted and to communicate professionalism and reliability. We made the format bigger than A5 to be compact but impactful. Our approach to the cover answered several problems. It positions Culture Ireland as an advocate and supporter of art while also allowing us to create dynamic and intriguing covers each time.

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Artists are given plenty of space for imagery and text, creating more impact and communicating respect

Clear simple layouts make the programmes easy to use

Textured or embossed paper provide a tactile message about the quality and richness of Irish art

The short covers are also designed to function as a flyer if needed, making the most of the format

Flyers use the same format but in simpler 4, 6 or 8 page versions