Ennis Butchers

We’ve been a customer at Ennis Butchers longer than they’ve been a customer of ours. We’re fans because the quality of their meat is second to none, because they stock the most interesting products and because you always feel welcome. It’s an old school attitude with a thoroughly modern approach. Our first few small jobs were done in return for produce (including a beautiful, cider soaked suckling pig.) Our aim was to extend everything that was great about the small neighbourhood shop to a wider audience. We’re direct when it comes to telling people about the quality meat, fish and produce. Everything we produce has the intention of striking up a conversation with Derek the owner because he’s always happy to talk.

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All items are produced to be conversation pieces.

Tote bag graphic inspired by old butcher posters featuring different cuts.

A series of ongoing recipe cards help to drive conversation and inspire customers.

The website keeps the content simple and does it well. It also serves as a digital blackboard with specials changing weekly.