Learn Craft Design

The Crafts Council of Ireland approached us to work with them developing a new online resource for teachers, educators and craftspeople. It’s purpose was to create a platform to share inspiration, ideas and offer educators tools to help engage children in craft. We began by devising a content strategy, helping make sense of content CCoI had and what they’d need in order to deliver on their ambition. The content was split into ‘Learn’ (educational tools and resources) and ‘Craft / Design’ (inspirational content for craftspeople and educators). We made the identity an essential element by using it as the primary navigation for the website. The site has several roles as the audience could range from working professionals to students in primary and secondary school. The visual language was an important consideration as it has to appeal to each of these demographics. We utilised the Crafts Councils library of photography to create simple, image-led designs which reward curiosity with engaging and inspirational content. Visit site.

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An image led gallery of interesting projects that push the boundaries and traditional notion of craft.